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The film is based on the idea of a mother secretly watching her son at the first day of school; unable to intervene when he is met with the realities of life. We use it as a metaphor, and set the action in an empty warehouse, where a young handsome man is working out, and the woman is monitoring him, while a murderer approaches him. In the end the woman ends up causing the young man’s death, because she is more concerned about his fashion he is wearing than the Boy himself. We strive towards making an aesthetic fashion film with elements of Horror and Comedy.



 A beautiful fashionably dressed WOMAN gives a young handsome BOY a lunchbox with a protein shake and a Designer’s Sweater inside and sends him into an empty warehouse at nighttime. Using a phone app for workout the Boy does his fitness routines, occasionally monitored by the woman through a Monitor. While the Woman is making protein-shakes, we see through the monitor, the silhouette of a MAN moving closer to the boy. What follows is a suspense sequence where the Boy hears and investigates noises, the Man moves dangerously closer, and the woman keeps missing seeing the man in her monitor. Wearing the Designer Sweatshirt from the lunchbox tied around his waist, the boy is attacked by the Man and The Woman sees the Man him dragging the unconscious Boy away. 

The Boy wakes up tied to a table with a round saw between his legs. The Man starts the workout app on the boy's phone and instead of the musical beat counting push ups, it is counting down to when the moving round saw will hit the Boy and cut him in half. The Woman finally gets up and runs to the boy. The Man is gone and the woman just manages to save the Designer Sweater before she lets the saw hit the boy. Blood is squirting everywhere behind her as she walks away with a smile, holding the precious designer sweater she managed to save.  



The short film is the new child of Josh Brandão & Nicolai Kornum, who have been making internationally recognized Fashion Short Films for 4 years, using their own means and the good-will of professional film workers and local communities. Previously they have experimented with their unique visual style in Futuristic gothic genres, minimalistic constructivism and Spanish bullfighting. Dealing with themes of ageism, phobias, Greek mythology and gothic monsters. Showcasing Fashion Items such as Headpieces, jewellery, Hats and Haute Couture.

In the new film “Wicked Workout” the themes are based around classic horror films, the tale of Oedipus and basic human lack of power and the overcoming of passion.

 The Fashion, the Visuals and Audio will bring us back to the 1980s and 1960s; the music from the workout app that will dominate the soundtrack is inspired by 1980s electronic beats. The Woman is colourful in 1960s style as a contrast to her environment.

 The warehouse is covered in cyan-colours designs and light, with harsh pink light from an outside neon sign shinning through the windows. The set will be industrial and simplistic, enhancing the colourful fashion items, characters and props. Shooting is being prepared to take place at Artcore, Napier Works, an old military building today an artistic community, in East London.

 The narrative will be intercut with FASHION BEAUTY SHOTS of the three characters, showing off their fashion in a mixed style of 1950’s horror movies and modern day phone app images.

 Agency represented Models/Actors will be used for portraying the characters to enhance the fashion and the overall aesthetic look of the film. Crew will consist of experienced and professional film workers several that has been nominated or won Fashion Film Awards for their contribution to previous BlitzWerk Studio productions.

 The final film will be submitted to premiere at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, San Diego (US) summer 2016, followed by screenings at international festivals during mid 2016 to 2017.



The Fashion is used in an editorial style, exposing several designers, not advertising one brand.

Amongst Designers that previously have been used are:

Philip Treacy, Adler Jewelers, Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Sarah Angold as well as several up and coming designers from London.


For WICKED WORKOUT, the fashion designers aimed at will be:  

Moschino, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney amongst others.



The approximately 12 members of the crew, and the 3 members of the cast will be donating their work and time on a collaborative basis. The Budget will be used for covering expenses, including: Materials and Equipment, Location hire, Transport & Catering.



‘Coup d’Or’ Best Fashion Film - Fashion Film Festival Chicago 2015

Best Art Direction - Miami Fashion Film Festival 2015

Best Costume Design - Miami Fashion Film Festival 2015

Best Costume Design – London Fashion Film Festival 2015

Best Art Direction – La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, San Diego 2015

Best Creative Concept – Miami Fashion Film Festival 2014

Best Costume Design – Miami Fashion Film Festival 2014

‘Coup d’Or’ Best Fashion Film - Fashion Film Festival Chicago 2014

Best Fashion Film – Born Shorts Film Festival, Denmark 2013



BlitzWerk Studio-produced films and videos has been screened at festivals worldwide, amongst others in:

Miami, San Diego, Hollywood, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Madrid, London, Denmark, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa. Czech Republic.



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